An Exciting Announcement From Amarillo PBC

This evening I want to introduce you to a new addition to Amarillo PBC and that I am really excited about.  Starting today, the first Monday in May, Amarillo PBC is launching a new opportunity to study, worship, and learn together with an E-Bible Study.  I hope you will be as excited about this addition as I am.  Please keep reading to learn more.
What is an E-Bible Study?
The purpose and value of an E-Bible Study is the same as a face-to-face bible study.  
The purpose of any bible study should be to learn about the God we serve, the doctrine we believe, and the worship we engage in.  
The value of any bible study is the ability to ask questions, participate in discussions, and receive teachings that enhance our walk in the Lord.
The only difference between an E-Bible Study and a traditional bible study is than an E-Bible Study allows you to study and work through the teachings at your own pace.  Rather than sitting down in a location and discussing questions and teachings in one setting, with an E-Bible Study the leader of the bible study responds to submitted questions through email and blog posts and the participants work through the study at their own pace.
Why an E-Bible Study?
The first and most important reason for an E-Bible Study vs. a Traditional Bible Study is that each person learns at their own pace.  All too often traditional settings and circumstances for learning move at the pace of the presenter not at the pace of the participant.  The goal of an E-Bible Study is to give each participant the freedom to work through each topic at their own pace.
An additional advantage to an E-Bible Study is the freedom of the schedule.  No matter how much we try, with work, school, activities, and other matters it is near impossible for everyone to be able to gather on a week day night for a traditional bible study.  An E-Bible Study provides everyone the ability to participate according to their own schedule.
How Does an E-Bible Study Work?
Each group can choose to structure their E-Bible Study in their own way and each study will grow and develop to suit the group over time.  
In general, participants submit bible questions and provided topics and on their own study thoughts.  The E-Bible Study leader writes up responses, scriptural references, and important talking points and sends those back to the participants via email, blog posts, and other mediums.  
Finally, free form discussion follows receiving the teachings from the E-Bible Study leader.  Discussions can occur in reply emails, comments on blog posts, and where available face-to-face discussions.  The free form discussion is one of the most important aspects of the E-Bible Study as it allows for growth in depth of understanding.
So What Now?
What I need from each of you next is to submit your bible study questions.  Below I am listing a few ideas for topics, but I welcome any of questions that you have been studying on.  When I get enough questions I will send out the first study email and post it to  Keep in mind, the key to making an E-Bible Study work is for you to ask questions.  Without your questions its just more of me talking and not a dialogue.
Possible Topic Ideas:
Basic Doctrine
Church Attendance
Marriage According to the Bible
Child Raising and Being a Grandparent
I am very excited about this announcement and hope you are excited as well.  Please email your questions back to or provide them to me in person.  I look forward to our study opportunities in the future.
May God bless you all,
Elder Jeremiah

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