The latest in the series of commentaries on the book of Luke, written by our pastor Elder Jeremiah Cunningham, is available through Amazon today. A Commentary on Luke: Chapter Six is available for Kindle at the link below. This commentary is not intended to be a complex theological work, but rather a compliment for daily... Continue Reading →

The next installment in A Commentary on Luke written by our Pastor Elder Jeremiah Cunningham is available for purchase through Amazon today. It is available only in Kindle format, but you can get the Kindle app for any device for free from Amazon. This short book provides a verse by verse look at the fourth... Continue Reading →

In the Studies in Luke series we move to verse 66 this week and consider the phrase, "What manner of child is this!". In doing so, Elder Cunningham presents a sermon on raising children. In the sermon, he considers the influence of personality, home life, and training but most importantly the mercy of God in... Continue Reading →

Luke 1:46-55 presents the only account of Mary's Hymn or what is referred to that is Magnificat. This hymn is divided up into two movements -- verses 46 through 49 making up the first movement and verses 50 through 55 making up the second. In this sermon, we consider the second movement which is focused... Continue Reading →

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