The single most important thing to the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church is that we worship our Lord and Savior in truth and in Spirit.  In all things we want to honor our Lord and bring praises unto his name.  

With that being said, the maintenance of an online ministry takes time, effort, and expense on the part of the church.  We hope and pray that what is posted on this website makes an impact in your life.  If in fact the content posted here is important to you there are several ways in which you can support Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church.

Sharing with Others

If the information, articles, and sermons posted on the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church website and the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church Facebook page make a difference in your life the greatest thing you can do to support the ministry is to share it with others.  You are encouraged to share with others through social media, email, and of course by word of mouth.  How wonderful is it when the truth reaches others.

Interact with Posts on Facebook

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church streams service live on Facebook on Sundays as well as post them for on demand watching. The church also posts articles and other content to Facebook. Interacting, leaving comments, likes, sharing, allows others to see the content. If you watch or read the content, please take a moment to interact with it.

Financial Support

Of course contributions to help defray the costs of an online ministry are always greatly appreciated. We hope that you will support Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church in the ways listed above, but if you desire to also contribute monetarily we would thank the Lord for that blessing as well. Because the primary focus of Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church is not on bringing in money we do not have anything set up to make financial contributions online. If you would like to support Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church through a monetary donation you can mail your donation to: Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church 914 West Colorado Amarillo, TX 79108

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