The latest in the series of commentaries on the book of Luke, written by our pastor Elder Jeremiah Cunningham, is available through Amazon today. A Commentary on Luke: Chapter Six is available for Kindle at the link below. This commentary is not intended to be a complex theological work, but rather a compliment for daily... Continue Reading →

The next installment in A Commentary on Luke written by our Pastor Elder Jeremiah Cunningham is available for purchase through Amazon today. It is available only in Kindle format, but you can get the Kindle app for any device for free from Amazon. This short book provides a verse by verse look at the fifth... Continue Reading →

In order to rightly divide the word of truth, we need to accompany our bible reading with bible study materials. Reading the bible in isolation and reading only the bible leads us to force meanings on verses and come away with faulty conclusions. It is vital that we turn to writings we can trust to... Continue Reading →

Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church  E-Bible Study - Volume I - Issue IV A study on Doctrine In Volume I Issue III of the Amarillo PBC E-Bible Study (published July 21, 2015) we began a series in which we will examine essential church practices.  By starting with Church Autonomy as we did in Issue III we... Continue Reading →

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