A Note from Our Pastor:

“According to the eternal purpose which he purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord:”

Ephesians 3:11

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

Now we come to one of the aspects about our salvation which the human mind has difficulty comprehending. To summarize the point — God knew about our need for salvation before it existed but he did not cause our need for salvation.

Let us consider this further.

We are all sinners by our own actions. There is no denying that. We sin both in the things we do on a day-to-day basis and in the things we fail to do. However, the original need for salvation came when Adam chose to eat of that forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden. That sin created what we call original sin or total depravity which is inherited by each child born in this world through their father. Thus, regardless of how obedient a life one might try to live, the need for salvation still exists.

In contrast to that, in this verse and many others the Apostle tells us that our salvation is according to the eternal purpose of God. We are told that he chose a people before the foundation of the world for which Christ would die. That prior to the earth being created, prior to man being created, prior to Adam committing that original sin, God knew man would need salvation and thus put a plan in place.

Where we must be careful is in understanding that while God knew before man was ever created that it was necessary to put a plan in motion for the salvation of God’s people, it does not mean he caused Adam to sin.

The human mind can only know for sure that something is going to happen if 1) the action under consideration has already started; or 2) if we are going to be the cause of said action. Even then, because we do not have all power, that knowledge is subjective. For instance, if I go get in my car with the intent of driving to Walgreen’s I know with some level of comfort that I am going to walk into Walgreen’s in a few minutes. I know this because I am in the beginning of the actions necessary and I am going to cause my walking into the store.

God’s knowledge of events does not work this way. God has full knowledge of what is going to take place without the event having started and without Him being the cause of it. God, furthermore, can put a plan in place to address what is going to happen without altering the outcome of said event. Here God knew well that Adam was going to eat of the fruit, he knew that man was going to be plunged into sin, and he knew that a plan was necessary for salvation.

Let us be thankful today that God knows what is coming in our lives and has already put a plan in motion to care for us with his love and providence. These day-to-day blessings are an extension of the love of God given to us in our eternal salvation.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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