A Note from our Pastor:

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

As we have been announcing, conditions appear to be good for us to return to meeting at the church building this Sunday, May 31st for worship services. In doing so, we want to continue to adhere with state guidelines which were revised again on May 26, 2020.

Here are the guidelines for resuming services at the church building this Sunday:
1. Do not attend if you have or have had COVID-19 or have been in contact (knowingly) with someone who has COVID-19. CDC guidelines recommend those over 65 stay home. If you are 65 or older and choose to attend, please exercise due caution. There is ample room in the auditorium to social distance.
2. Consider not attending in person if your health status makes you particularly susceptible to COVID-19.
3. If you attend, please adhere to the following:
a. Please arrive no more than ten minutes before services and proceed to the auditorium. We will not have coffee, tea, or lunch in the dining room. The dining room is not setup for social distancing.
b. Please avoid physical contact such as handshaking or hugging.
c. Please wear a mask of some type and continue wearing it until seated.
d. Please maintain six feet of distance between yourself and those outside of your household. If singing, the distance should be increased.
e. As for seating, please ensure there is at least one pew between you and the person closest to you. Due to congregational singing it is best to continue to wear a face mask and increase the distancing.
f. Family members that have been sequestered together are exempt from 3e above.

For the time being, please also enter and exit the church through the auditorium and avoid the dining room as much as possible.

I know it is counter to how we gather for worship to keep our distance, avoid physical contact, and not have lunch but we need to follow the guidelines for the time being. We hope and pray that we can drop many of these items in the weeks to come, but for the time being we are thankful to be able to again worship in the church house and see our brothers and sisters.

For those unable to attend, we will be streaming the service on this Facebook page each Sunday.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

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