A Note from the Pastor: Services in the Month of April

A Note from the Pastor:
Dear Brothers and Sisters — It is with a heavy heart that I write to you this morning. On Monday, March 30th our city and county issued what amount to shelter-in-place orders. These orders extend through April 13th. Part of the provision of these orders is no gatherings of any size outside of your own household. Then on Tuesday, March 31st Governor Abbott extended his executive order which advises against gathers over 10 for the entire month of April.
With these orders in mind, the I believe it best for the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church to not meet at our building for regular services throughout the month of April unless something in this guidance should change.
Contrary to what some are promoting, these orders are not attacking our right to assemble. The government is not limiting the free exercise of religion. Thankfully, we are able to meet via Zoom and post the sermons to both Facebook and YouTube. And as a blessing in all of this, the truth of the gospel is reaching more people than it has in years via those tools. What these orders are intending to do is to protect the public health and care for the community.
As Christians, and as the assembled physical church in particular, we have a responsibility to follow these guidelines. If you are struggling with the guidance for churches to be closed I encourage you to read 1 Peter 2:13-14. As Peter instructs we are to follow the ordinances that are set forth so long as they are not contrary to God. These ordinances are not against religion or against the church, but they are for the sake of the population as a whole.
Finally, as you all know this Sunday was to be our Spring Communion service. Clearly, Communion will not be happening this weekend. We are doing our best to make virtual services work, but Communion is not one of those things that can be done virtually. At this point, I cannot say when we will have Communion, but I can say that I look forward to having it when we are all able to be back together.
Please know that our prayers are with you. Please stay home and stay safe as much as possible. We long to assemble with you and look forward to the day that happens.
In Bonds of Love,

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