This sermon is the third in a series of sermons preached by Elder James Conley at the Amarillo PBC Annual Meeting.  Elder Conley is the Pastor of Union Primitive Baptist Church in Ruth, Mississippi.

Elder Conley began with thoughts regarding the words of eternal life (sermon 1), expounding upon what is eternal life for the believer and what it means to have the words of eternal life.  The thread then led to a message on a new creature in Christ (sermon 2) and an examination of what it means to be a new creature and how we are in Christ.  The next sermon then led the congregation to consider how the Church is an embassy which gives refuge and the minister is an ambassador which brings good news from a far country (sermon 3), and how both the refuge of the church and the good news resonate with the new creature.

In this fourth and final sermon, Elder Conley takes his text from Philippians 1  and focuses on how the child of God is going to face tribulation and suffering in this lifetime but reinforces how those sufferings pale in comparison to the blessings of God we have received.  You can listen to this sermon, and all sermons from Amarillo PBC, using your favorite podcast app and searching for Amarillo PBC or by following the link below to the Amarillo PBC channel on

Suffering for His Sake

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