Audio Sermons from Amarillo PBC

The last year has brought multiple challenges in sharing Audio Sermons with you from Amarillo PBC.  To be clear, Amarillo PBC is still recording sermons, we still have our account with our host Sermon Studio, and we are still publishing to our Podcast.

Our New Approach

Our new approach to publishing the sermons from Amarillo PBC will still use the tools listed above.  You can access our sermons in audio format using the Amarillo PBC Channel at  You can also access them through the Amarillo PBC podcast using your favorite podcast app.  The only aspect that is changing is the number of sermons we keep active in the archive at any one point.  Rather than having all sermons available at our tools above, we will instead only have five or six sermons active at any point.  This will allow listeners to have access to the most recent content while limiting our hosting demands.

Accessing Older Sermons

The change in our sharable archive does not impact our offline archiving.  Amarillo PBC will continue to maintain an offline archive of virtually all sermons preached at Amarillo PBC.  This offline archive will be available for sharing particular sermons through other means such as Dropbox.  If you are looking for sermons on a particular topic, by a particular minister, or even looking for a particular sermon please let us know and we will find a way to share that content with you.

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