In the morning let us prepare for the new day with the words of the New Testament and in the evening let us reflect on how God moves in the lives of his people.

Morning Reading from the New Testament: Acts 15: 22-41

Some men taught circumcision for the Gentiles. Peter said, “God gave the Spirit with no distinction.” Paul and Barnabas separated.

Evening Reading from the Old Testament: Job 40-42

Job said, “I have no answer.” The LORD said, “Will you condemn me? Behold now, Behemoth, which I made. Can anyone pierce his nose?”

“Can you catch Leviathan with a hook? Everything under heaven is mine. His breath sets coals ablaze. He is king over all the proud.”

Job said, “I repent in ashes.” The LORD said to Eliphaz, “You have not spoken rightly of me, as Job has.” He restored Job’s fortunes.

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