In our Old Testament readings this week we move from the book of Job to the book of Psalms.  As you begin reading in the book of Psalms work to resist the urge to read them too quickly.  The flow of the Psalms, the number of them, and the length of them often makes us read them too quickly and miss much of the meaning.  Take time between each one to meditate on the meaning and get the full effect.  You will be thankful that you did.

Weekly Outline (New Testament in the Morning, Old Testament in the Evening)

Friday (Day 189): Acts 15: 1-21; Job 38-39

Saturday (Day 190): Acts 15: 22-41; Job 40-42

Sunday (Day 191): Acts 16: 1-15; Psalms 1-3

Monday (Day 192): Acts 16: 16-40; Psalms 4-6

Tuesday (Day 193): Acts 17: 1-15; Psalms 7-9

Wednesday (Day 194): Acts 17: 16-34; Psalms 10-12

Thursday (Day 195): Acts 18; Psalms 13-16

Weekly Goals:

Old Testament: Job 38 – Psalms 16

New Testament: Acts 15 – 18

Blessings to you this week,

Elder Jeremiah

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