This week in our bible readings we continue with John’s account of the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ in our New Testament readings and move from the First to the Second book of Chronicles.  Upon entering the Second book of Chronicles we begin to read of the reign of Solomon.  Chapter 1 presents us with Solomon’s prayer for wisdom in ruling the people, a prayer that should be continued to this day.

Weekly Outline (New Testament in the Morning, Old Testament in the Evening)

Friday (Day 148): John 10: 22-42; 1 Chronicles 20-22

Saturday (Day 149): John 11: 1-17; 1 Chronicles 23-25

Sunday (Day 150): John 11: 18-46; 1 Chronicles 26-27

Monday (Day 151): John 11: 47-57;1 Chronicles 28-29

Tuesday (Day 152): John 12: 1-19; 2 Chronicles 1-3

Wednesday (Day 153): John 12: 20-50; 2 Chronicles 4-6

Thursday (Day 154): John 13: 1-17; 2 Chronicles 7-9

Weekly Goals:

Old Testament: 1 Chronicles 20 – 2 Chronicles 9

New Testament: John 10-13

Blessings to you this week,

Elder Jeremiah

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