In our evening readings we move into the book of Numbers.  As we continue through the Pentateuch, the first five books of the Bible, we learn the original instructions given from God to man.  These instructions address daily activities, worship, and many other topics.  While the circumstances of life have changed, the instructions still hold great truth for God’s people today.

Weekly Outline (New Testament in the Morning, Old Testament in the Evening)

Friday (Day 50): Mark 3:1-21; Numbers 1-2

Saturday (Day 51): Mark 3:22-35; Numbers 3-4

Sunday (Day 52): Mark 4:1-20; Numbers 5-6

Monday (Day 53): Mark 4:21-41; Numbers 7

Tuesday (Day 54): Mark 5:1-20; Numbers 8-10

Wednesday (Day 55): Mark 5:21-43; Numbers 11-13

Thursday (Day 56): Mark 6:1-23; Numbers 14-15

Weekly Goals:

New Testament: Mark 3-6

Old Testament: Numbers 1-15

May the Lord bless you this week,

Elder Jeremiah

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