As we begin this new year there are few things that are more important than spending time reading the words of the Lord and his teachings through scripture.  How you read your bible is a matter of personal choice and should not be dictated by others but hopefully these suggestions will help you if you need it.

Monday – Readings from the Law – Genesis 1-3

Tuesday – Readings from History – Joshua 1-5

Wednesday – Readings from the Psalms – Psalms 1-2

Thursday – Readings from the Poetry – Job 1-2

Friday – Readings from Prophecy – Isaiah 1-6

Saturday – Readings from the Gospels – Matthew 1-2

Sunday – Readings from the Epistles – Romans 1-2


Please remember to be in prayer for one another and for yourselves.  We look forward to talking with you during the week and seeing you next weekend if not before.

May the Lord Bless you,

Elder Jeremiah

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