At this time of year many people make promises for the changes they are going to make in their life.  They promise to improve their health, improve their finances, or improve their spiritual walk.  Commonly we call these New Year’s resolutions.  New Year’s resolutions become failures for most and the subject of many jokes.  However, the problem is not the resolution but the lack of a plan to support a resolution.  With nothing to back the promise it has little chance of being successful.

This is my New Year’s message for you – make sure your resolutions have plans to support them.  Make 2014 a year of living a planned life.

Sowing and Reaping

“Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.” ~ Galatians 6:7

This verse records what scripture teaches repeatedly.  What we plant through our actions is what we will reap in the end.  Other scriptures say that if we sow spiritual things we will reap spiritual and if we plant natural desires we will reap the things of nature.  What I want us to understand from this verse is that if we sow sporadically we will reap sporadically as well.

The message for us is that while the Lord blesses his people despite their actions, we are much more likely to experience blessings in the coming year if our actions are purposeful and have a plan supporting them.  We need to make sure the way we handle our spiritual life as well as our finances, family, and other aspects of our life is planned.  Bible reading, prayer, meditation, and church attendance should be of high importance in our lives but even if they already hold that position we should make sure they are purposeful and planned for as well.

In the Coming Weeks

In the coming weeks the “From the Pastor’s Desk” articles will focus on living a planned and purposeful year.  Articles will deal with spiritual as well as natural aspects of our lives.  It is my prayer that these articles will help you to create a plan for the year to come.

If you have suggestions or requests for me regarding this topic I hope you will discuss them with me.  I need this aspect of my life improved as much as you do.  We are in this together and I pray we will enjoy the journey as we go.

May the Lord Bless you this day,

Elder J.W. Cunningham

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