In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study of the subject of prayer by continuing to examine the 11th chapter of Luke.  In this sermon the phrase “thy will be done” is brought under examination.


Thy Will Be Done – Prayer Series – Sermon Notes


Text: Luke 11:2 “And he said unto them, When ye pray, say, Our Father which art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done, as in heaven, so in earth.”


Key Understanding:  This portion of the prayer continues to be directed to the Father and about spiritual things.  Eventually, prayer will turn to things of this world.  Furthermore, this prayer is focused on a request to take place now that the Kingdom of God was establish upon the earth.


Thy Kingdom Come:


The Jews had historically, and today still do, pray “the kingdom of thy Messiah come”.  The Lord here modifies that phrase to “thy kingdom come”.  The phrase the Lord uses is not meaning that something is to happen in the future but that it was a current state of being.  The kingdom was established at the Baptism of Christ and was prepared by the preaching of John.


Thy Will be Done:


We must keep in mind here that Christ was speaking to God the Father.  So when he says “Thy will be done” he is referring to the will of God being done in the flesh of men.  This is in contrast to the will of men or the will of Satan being done in our lives.


1 Peter 4:1-11


In these verses Peter gives us a clear picture of the difference of the will of man or the will of Satan working in our lives verses the will of God working.  Peter tells us that the will of God when working in our lives manifests itself through many behaviors: 1) being sober minded 2) being watchful 3) being prone to pray 4) being charitable 5) being hospitable 6) ministering to others according to our gifts 7) speaking of the things of God 8) giving praise, honor and glory to God.

as in heaven


This particular verse points us to the difference between eternal and timely salvation.  Furthermore, it points us to the difference between sonship and discipleship.  God has all power over heaven and earth.  With that in mind, God also does not orchestrate all matters.  However, the things that God decided in the heavens before the foundation of the world are sure and complete.


Daniel 4:34-36


When Nebuchadnezzar finally comes back to his right mind he realizes that God has all power and control.  The Lord taught him a valuable lesson.  He shows him that when he trusted in himself that he strayed from the Lord and his will.  When he trusted in God his life was made better.  Let us give the same honor and glory to the Lord that this King realized he should give.


so in earth


Let us take note of one particular word in this phrase.  Most modern versions have changed this word.  They key word is “in”.  The problem with the modern change is in the meaning.  As we read in Daniel 4 God has all power in the heavens and on the earth.  However, what is meant in this verse refers to the desires and actions of men.


Contrary to the workings of eternal salvation or sonship, the things of timely salvation or discipleship are up to us after regeneration.  We choose whether or not to be faithful followers of Jesus Christ.  We pray the prayer of faith that asks the Lord to increase of faith and belief.


The Lord here was praying that the gospel and the preaching of the gospel would have impact on those Jews and Gentiles that were regenerated, he was praying that the will of God would take over in their lives and they would display those behaviors.


Today we should pray the same prayer.  Let us pray that the Will of God will be done in the flesh in of the elect.  That they may desire to seek after God and follow his commandments.

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