“Psalm 37 – Begging Bread”; A Sermon Preached at Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church – Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist church moves to the 37th Psalm this week in the continuing study of the book of Psalms.  This lengthy Psalm presents the reader with several familiar refrains, i.e., "the meek shall inherit the earth", and brings forth memories of teachings past.  In this particular instance, Elder Cunningham focuses on the idea... Continue Reading →

The sermon series on prayer continues in the 11th chapter of Luke as Elder J.W. Cunningham preaches on the subject of "Ask, Seek, Knock".  This parable continues on the teaching of the model prayer in verses 1-4.  As you listen to this sermon consider how each step applies to your current prayer life and what... Continue Reading →

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