“An Ephah of Blessing” – The Book of Ruth – A Sermon Preached at Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church

In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study of The Book of Ruth.  With this sermon verses 17 and 18 of the 2nd chapter are examined and how Ruth gleans an Ephah of blessing in the field of Boaz.


This sermon can also be listened to through the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church podcast channel on iTunes or at sermon.net/amarillopbc

Study Notes

Ephah – Hebrew measurement that was equivalent to one bushel worth of grain.  1/10 of an Ephah was enough to make bread for one man for one day.  Thus an ephah would feed one man for ten days or the equivalent number of meals.

Feeding the Multitude – Jesus here chose to feed the multitude for two reasons. 1) They had been without food for three days as they journeyed and listened to Christ teach.  2) They had not turned away from Christ but continued to strive to learn more.  This feeding is a scriptural example of “time salvation” in that Christ provided them with the necessary item to relieve a need.  Their obedience did not affect their eternal salvation, but did affect their salvation from that situation.

Spirit of Bondage – This phrase in Romans 8 refers back to the nature of the old Law Service given to the Jews but it also includes any time the worship of Christ becomes legalistic and oppressive.   This is especially true if one is under the bondage of believing that they must work for their eternal salvation.  That is a completed work of Jesus Christ and should not place a burden upon the Child of God.


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