This is the concluding sermon in the series "The Book of Ruth".  With this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham wraps up the study by considering Ruth and the other three women that are listed in the lineage of Jesus Christ.  Ultimately these three women are a marker of the legacy of salvation which is Jesus Christ.... Continue Reading →

As you listen this sermon you will be challenged to think on the subject of intentional fellowship.  Elder J.W. Cunningham explores this topic and the subject of depression by looking at the relationship between Naomi and Obed at the end of the book of Ruth.  In the New Testament application Elder Cunningham relates the idea... Continue Reading →

In this sermon in the continuing series on The Book of Ruth, Elder J.W. Cunningham explores the topic of the Generations of Christ.  In particular considering the blessing on Boaz regarding Judah and Tamar.  In both the generations of David and Christ we see how a curse had to be moved out of the way... Continue Reading →

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