A note from our Pastor:

“According to the glorious gospel of the blessed God, which was committed to my trust.”

1 Timothy 1:11

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

Our study verse this week is the conclusion of the salutation in this letter from the Apostle Paul to Timothy. In the Apostle’s letters, whether to a church or an individual, the salutation serves as both a greeting and an overview of the instruction to be given. In this letter, the Apostle has set out the issue of false teachers and the oppressive use of the law.

As a concluding thought, the Apostle instructs Timothy in the purpose of the law as we considered in our study last week. The Apostle lists out numerous activities which would make an individual need the law with the final category being more broad to capture anything which is contrary to the gospel which God gave unto his Apostles and through them to the New Testament church.

The Final phrase of the salutation is of note. The Apostle tells Timothy how God has committed his gospel to him. This statement is true on three levels for the Apostle. Uniquely, the gospel was committed to Paul after his conversion from being a persecutor of the community of believers to a leader of them. He had the full gospel revealed unto him by God. As he told believers, the gospel was not taught to him by man but directly by God. Furthermore, it was committed to the Apostle as he was instructed to go and teach the things of God unto the gentiles. This was a difficult and important appointment for the Apostle.

Second, the gospel was committed to the Apostle’s trust because he was a minister among the community of believers. In this sense, the trust is not unique. Starting with the original twelve Apostles and continuing with God’s ministers today the gospel is committed to their trust. Every minister has an obligation to study the gospel, meditate on the gospel, and attempt to preach and teach the gospel in spirit and in truth. When a minister willfully pollutes the gospel with false teachings and the ideas of men they violate the trust of God when he committed the gospel to them.

Finally, the gospel was committed to the Apostle’s trust in the same sense it is committed to all of the elect who are blessed to hear it and read it in this life. Certainly not all of the children of God in any age will have the blessing of knowing the gospel. Many barriers prevent this and thus it is important to remember the role of the gospel. For the child of God, the gospel is committed to our trust not as a means of eternal salvation, but rather as a comfort and instruction for daily living. The gospel is provided to the children of God as a precious lamp to light our path. As with any unique and wonderful gift, the recipient has the obligation to care for it and use it as it is intended. The wonderful thing is, with this gift we are able to also give it to others around us for their benefit as well.

Let us all remember the gospel is committed to our trust.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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