A note from our pastor:

“Be not ye therefore partakers with them. // For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:”

Ephesians 5:7-8

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

The Apostle now continues his instruction to the disciples regarding their manner of living. In our study verse this week he moves from the more concrete examples he provided in the preceding verses to a more abstract picture of disciples in Christ.

The Apostle begins the 8th verse by saying ye were sometimes darkness, or in other words, all disciples at one point were without spiritual life and light. All disciples walked in the way of this world and engaged in the sins which keep us apart from Jesus Christ.

I feel certain when the believers at Ephesus heard these words they would have given their full agreement. They were converts to the truth of Jesus Christ and they were fully aware of their past behavior. I fear in the church today, especially in the western world, the power of teachings like this verse have been lost. I fear the disciple today was typically raised in a home with other disciples, attended church and was surrounded by a community of believers, and never lived a life where they can reflect and see their nature. I am not advocating for children to be allowed to engage in any manner of behavior. But appropriate insight into the world around us does give greater understanding to the teachings of scripture.

Then the Apostle reminds the disciple they are no longer in darkness. As regenerated children of God, the disciples are no longer in the darkness of their sins but rather are in the light of Jesus Christ dwelling within. A single disciple living in accordance with the word of God shines forth the light of Jesus Christ. The beautiful thing about the church is it brings together all of those lights and makes the illumination so much greater.

Finally, the Apostle simply states — you have been darkness and are now light, let your walk reflect the lightness which you have become. Choose not the behaviors of the darkness for they bring weight upon the soul. Choose instead the actions of light because they remind us of the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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