A note from our pastor:

“And walk in love, as Christ also hath loved us, and hath given himself for us an offering and a sacrifice to God for a sweetsmelling savour.”

Ephesians 5:2

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

Our study verse this morning presents an intriguing mix of advice for practical discipleship and essential doctrine. Rightfully so as practical discipleship should always reflect essential doctrine, and true doctrine rightfully applied should lead to practical discipleship.

The apostle begins with another instruction for disciples of Christ to walk in love. By this, as disciples, we are charged with making the defining characteristic of our lives how we love those around us. Not just those we agree with or those whom are easy to love, but all those around us.

This instruction, coming from an apostle by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit should be sufficient. However, as though the apostle knew there would be argument, he provides explanation and reasoning why love should guide our walk. The reason being because Christ has loved us.

Many arguments such as, they hurt me, I don’t like how they act, or I don’t agree with them, could be raised for not loving someone. But in pointing to how Christ loved us we are reminded we were unlovable when he first did so. We were enemies with God because of our depraved nature. We had nothing to offer unto God, and yet he bestowed his love upon us. By pointing to this essential truth, the apostle is reminding us to make our day-to-day walk reflect our beliefs.

We are also told our love should be in the form of being willing to make sacrifices and give of ourselves. When we live in this sacrificial way, we point back to the sacrifice of Christ. We remind ourselves and show to others that Christ gave up everything on our behalf because it was pleasing unto God. In living a life of sacrifice our practical discipleship reflects our essential and truth filled doctrine.

May we each strive to live daily a walk of love and sacrifice.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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