A Note from our Pastor:

“There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling;”

Ephesians 4:4

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

The Apostle, having introduced the subject of unity in the first three verses, now continues in the same vein speaking about much larger elements of unity.  The elements which are mentioned starting in the fourth verse of this chapter speak to the very foundation of a belief in Jesus Christ and his church.  

One Body

The Apostle, writing in Romans, tells us the church is like unto our natural bodies.  With our natural bodies we have many different body parts and none are intended to fulfill the same function.  We would not ask our eyes to smell or ask our feet to hear.  We respect each body part for the purpose it serves.

In like fashion, says the Apostle, the church is made up of many, but is one body in Christ.  Every member is given unique gifts they are to use in service to God and to one another.  But while we are all unique and each has a special place, we also are all fit together and make one body with Christ as the head.  In such fashion, the church is a living organism capable of great works of love.

One Spirit

The Apostle next refers to the Holy Spirit, which moves upon each of the elect.  There are many lessons which could be taught from this particular phrase, but the context of the first three verses of this chapter help provide meaning.

The same Spirit, the Holy Spirit, has moved upon each of the members of the body.  In doing so, the Holy Spirit points us towards Jesus Christ and unity in him.  The Apostle is telling us here to remember — different Spirits do not move upon different people and as such divisions among the members are because of fleshly desires and not of God.  

One Hope

All of the members have a singular hope.  The hope of an eternal home in heaven when life here is completed.  A hope founded in the election of God’s people.  A hope secured in the blood of Jesus Christ.  A hope delivered to the believer through faith.  A hope longed for because of the teaching of the scriptures.

These foundational principles — one body, one Spirit, one hope — are vital to the health of the Church and God’s people.  Let us strive to understand them and live them from day-to-day.

Our Prayers are with you Daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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