A Note from our Pastor:

And are built upon the foundation of the apostles and prophets, Jesus Christ himself being the chief corner stone;

Ephesians 2:20

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

In order to understand the message of the Apostle in this verse, we must first understand what a cornerstone is and what purpose it serves.

The cornerstone is the first stone set in the construction of a masonry foundation. All other stones will be set during construction according to the cornerstone. Thus the cornerstone determines the position of the entire structure.

Furthermore, and important to the lesson the Apostle has been teaching, the cornerstone joins together two walls. It provides the support and strength necessary to bind those two walls into one structure.

Here in Ephesians 2:20, the Apostle tells us that Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone of the church. He was the first stone laid when he was baptized of John the Baptist. During his ministry he set the direction and the basis for the church that we still attempt to follow today. Veering from the doctrines he taught is like a building’s walls pulling away from the foundation. The structure will lose integrity and will not stand over time.

Furthermore, the Apostle tells us that a foundation was set in place. Christ is not that entire foundation. The foundation of the church was made up of the prophets of old and the Apostles of the early days of the New Testament.

It was through the prophecies of old that we know and confirm that Jesus Christ was the Messiah. We see his birth, life, and death pointed to. We understand by the prophets of old how they longed for the Messiah and sought to worship him to the best of their abilities, though only through type and shadow.

It is then by the Apostles that we are told of the fulfillment of the prophecies. That we know that Jesus Christ did in fact come to this earth, did die upon the cross, and is risen into glory. Furthermore, it is by the Apostles that we are taught about his church, that we are instructed in the doctrine, and that we are given practical guides for living.

Jesus Christ is the chief cornerstone and set the direction for his church. Then by his Apostles, calling upon the prophets of old as well, was the foundation laid. And it is by the mercy of Christ that today, the same church, with the same chief cornerstone, and the same foundation still exists.

What a blessing it is to know that we are founded upon these truths.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

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