A Note from Our Pastor:

“And came and preached peace to you which were afar off, and to them that were nigh.”

Ephesians 2:17

Good Morning Dearly Beloved,

First, in considering this verse let us be reminded who is being preached to — the gentiles were the people who were afar off and the Jews were the people that were nigh. Again, not in the sense of who had eternal salvation but rather in the sense of who had the knowledge of the promises of God.

Furthermore, the Apostle is not referring to the preaching of Jesus Christ. Christ in his earthly ministry was sent to the Jews. That is not to say that some gentiles did not hear and follow, but his ministry was for the Jews. He even tells his Apostles to not preach to the gentiles or go unto them and tells them doing so is as casting pearls before swine1.

Rather, the Apostle is referring to the preaching of the Apostles including himself, who were given a ministry to preach unto the gentiles after the death of Christ tore down that middle partition between Jew and gentile. After the reconciliation had taken place the message was to be preached unto both peoples.

Having established those details, let us consider the subject of the preaching that Paul is referring to. He says that those that came preaching to the gentiles (and the Jews alike) came preaching a message of peace. This was not a message of worldly peace. History shows the Christians they were preaching to would be subject to great persecution. Rather, the message was a heavenly one. That despite what was happening in their lives they could be at peace in Jesus Christ through the knowledge of their salvation.

The beautiful truth of the gospel is that the message does not change from generation to generation. That message of peace is still true today and still just as applicable. As believers in Jesus Christ we need to be called back to a remembrance that our hope and our peace is not in worldly things and political leaders but in the knowledge of our salvation through the shed blood of Jesus Christ.

Despite the turmoil of this world and all of its chaos, we have peace through Jesus Christ.

Our Prayers are with you daily,

Brother Jeremiah

1 Matthew 7:6

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