A Note About March 29, 2020 Services

A note from our pastor, March 26th.

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church will not assemble at the church building for services again on March 29th. We are continuing to follow the guidelines set forth during the COVID-19 outbreak. Although the Amarillo area only has two confirmed cases, we want to take measures to protect our own congregation and to also protect our communities. The best advice we can follow is still to stay home. In addition, the Governor’s executive order still is in place and does not permit for gatherings of 10 or more.

Last Sunday we met using the Zoom technology. I felt like with the exception of a few hiccups this method worked well. This week, I have upgraded our account so that we can have longer on the meeting and a more complete service. Please note though that our Zoom ID for this meeting will be different than last week.

Our Zoom ID for March 29th is 180-585-555

I pray that all of you are doing well. I know these are difficult times that are taking a great deal of adjustment, but I firmly believe that the Lord is providing us innumerable blessings during this time as well. Please know our prayers are with you. Please pray for the services Sunday. We long for the day we can meet together and hug one another’s necks, but for the time being we pray the Lord will bless our service to him.

in Bonds of Love,

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