Our New Testament readings move through some of the most important doctrinal text in your bible this week.  These scriptures are not quick reads due to their depth, but more importantly, they are excellent text for meditation.  I highly encourage you to spend time reflecting on both our readings from Psalms and from Romans as you go forward this week.

Weekly Outline (New Testament in the Morning, Old Testament in the Evening)

Friday (Day 217): Romans 6; Psalms 75-77

Saturday (Day 218): Romans 7; Psalm 78

Sunday (Day 219): Romans 8: 1-18; Psalms 79-81

Monday (Day 220): Romans 8: 19-39; Psalms 82-84

Tuesday (Day 221): Romans 9; Psalms 85-87

Wednesday (Day 222): Romans 10; Psalms 88-89

Thursday (Day 223): Romans 11: 1-21; Psalms 90-92

Weekly Goals:

Old Testament: Psalms 75-92

New Testament: Romans 6-11

Blessings to you this week,

Elder Jeremiah

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