Daily Bible Reading Suggestions; From the Desk of the Pastor – January 1, 2014

This post begins the second year of the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church supplying “Daily Bible Reading Suggestions”.  As with last year each day will focus on reading from a particular “type” of scripture such as history, poetry, prophecy, or the epistles.  The reading suggestions will take you through the entire Bible in a year, but of course the way you read your bible is ultimately a personal decision.

The weekly post with Bible reading suggestions will come out on Wednesdays this year with suggestions starting on Thursday.  They come out a day ahead of the reading suggestions in order to give you time to plan the week.  Of course the days on which you read a certain type of scripture can be changed or even entire days be dropped as these are just suggestions.  If you miss a week, you can always go back on the site and find the suggestions from previous weeks.  With that said, here is the first round of Bible Reading suggestions.  May the Lord bless you in 2015.

Thursday (Jan 1) – Readings from the Poetry – Job 1-2

Friday (Jan 2) – Readings from the Prophecy – Isaiah 1-6

Saturday (Jan 3) – Readings from the Gospels – Matthew 1-2

Sunday (Jan 4) – Readings from the Epistles – Romans 1-2

Monday (Jan 5) – Readings from the Law – Genesis 1-3

Tuesday (Jan 6) – Readings from the History – Joshua 1-5

Wednesday (Jan 7) – Readings from the Psalms – Psalm 1-2

May the Lord bless you this week,

Elder Jeremiah

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