For all of us life gets busy and sometimes it is difficult to keep up with the readings for each day.  I encourage you if you miss a reading to catch up later in the week or the next week.  The meaning will be so much richer if you don’t pass over any chapters and verses.  I also know when we come to genealogies that it is easy to just skim and skip.  While many times they don’t hold much meaning for us it does help to become familiar with the names as they often come up later in other places.  May the Lord bless you this week.

Monday – Readings from the Law – Genesis 12-15

Tuesday – Readings from the History – Joshua 16-20

Wednesday – Readings from the Psalms 9-11

Thursday – Readings from the Poetry – Job 7-8

Friday – Readings from the Prophecy – Isaiah 18-22

Saturday – Readings from the Gospels – Matthew 8-10

Sunday – Readings from the Epistles – Romans 7-8

Be not ashamed of your walk in serving Christ.  Be ye ambassadors for the Lord.

May the Lord Bless you,

Elder Jeremiah

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