Are these not the blessings of the Lord?

The blessings of the Lord are revealed unto his people in a variety of ways and at a variety of times.  One of the more beautiful methods of seeing the Lord’s blessing is in observing his people coming home to the church.  At the Amarillo Primitive Baptist church we have been blessed to observe that during 2012.  That includes three coming into the church through baptism this fall.  Enjoy the pictures of those blessings below.


Baptism of Sister Karla Kinikin.


Baptism of Sister Brittney Kinikin


Baptism of Sister Merilee Scott.




2 thoughts on “Are these not the blessings of the Lord?

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  1. Greetings, Eld. Cunningham, It is indeed wonderful to see these young folks coming home to the true church! I pray that we could have a lilttle ingathering here at Galax P.B. church in Galax, Va. Is Bro. Tindall and hihs wife still doing ok? Haven’t seen them in years. Lic. Jimmy Haynes.

    1. Blessings Brother Jimmy,
      Glad that you managed to find your way to our site. It is our prayer that all of the Lord’s churches would see a revival in the coming days. Brother and Sister Tindall have both gone on to be at home with the Lord, Brother Tindall in 2009 and Sister Tindall in 2011. Again, glad that you found the site and hope that you will come back and read some more. Pray that you would find the things here to be beneficial.

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