Elder Cunningham continues the study of the book of Ezra taking his text from the first two verses of the 6th chapter of Ezra.  In these verses, King Darius commands a search of the rolls be conducted to determine if King Cyrus had in fact ordered the building of the 2nd temple.  When the roll... Continue Reading →

Elder Cunningham resumes the study of the book of Ezra with this sermon preached on June 24, 2018.  In this sermon Elder Cunningham takes his text from Ezra 5:3-5, focusing in particular on the phrase, "who hath commanded you to build this house."  In this sermon, he explains the historical answer that God had commanded... Continue Reading →

Elder Cunningham brings another message from Zechariah, and His prophecies of Christ (Matt 21:1). Showing how Christ has lifted us from the Pit. You can listen to this sermon, and all sermons from Amarillo PBC, by using your favorite Podcast app or by clicking on the link below and using the Amarillo PBC channel at... Continue Reading →

In the continued study of the book of Ezra, Elder Cunningham brings a message from Zechariah, examining the prophecies of Christ and the end of the Law service. You can listen to this sermon using your favorite podcast app and searching for Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church or through the sermon.net channel for Amarillo PBC by... Continue Reading →

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