Believer’s Faith – 2 Peter 1:1-4

Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church begins the study of 2 Peter with this sermon. In this sermon, Elder Cunningham preaches on the verses 1-4 and focuses on how the foundation of 2 Peter is believer's faith. As you listen to this sermon, distinguish between the three types of faith, understanding that believer's faith is something a... Continue Reading →

Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study of the book of Jude examining how those that are in the faith should stand upon that foundation and seek to show compassion to those that stand in need. Elder Cunningham examines verses 20-23 in this sermon.

In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study in the book of Jude by examining verse 3. Elder Cunningham clarifies what "The Faith" makes reference to and why it is so important for the believer to contend for "The Faith". An understanding of this verse is vital to having an understanding of the rest... Continue Reading →

Elder Marty Smith preaches Saturday morning on the subject of defending "The Faith". ¬†This sermon from the Amarillo Fall Meeting - 2013 addresses how we as believers should face difficulty and tribulation. ¬†Elder Smith provides great instruction for Godly living and defense of the things of God.   Elder Marty Smith is pastor... Continue Reading →

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