Elder James Baker preaches on Saturday morning of the June Summer Annual Meeting. Elder Baker, Pastor of the Borger Primitive Baptist Church, takes his text from Jeremiah 3 and encourages the listeners in the need to turn to the Lord in all things. https://amarillopbc.sermon.net/20733376

In the second sermon from Friday night of the June Annual Meeting, Elder Gail Faries preaches from the 5th chapter of the book of Matthew. Typically referred to as the Beatitudes, this chapter is often viewed as checklist for Christian behavior. Elder Faries shifts the view of this chapter from being focused on behavior to... Continue Reading →

Elder James Baker opens the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church's Summer Annual Meeting with a message from the 36th and 37th Psalms. In this sermon Elder Baker presents those listening with five actions that a believe in Jesus Christ should strive to do. He further reminds us that we should engage in these behaviors not in... Continue Reading →

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