Elder Clifford preaches on Sunday morning to conclude the Summer Annual Meeting - 2013.  In this final sermon Elder Gowens presents to the congregation how Jesus was raised both to power and in the resurrection.  This beautiful sermon is a wonderful capstone to a spirit filled weekend. http://amarillopbc.sermon.net/da/1200047350 This is the sixth and final sermon... Continue Reading →

In this sermon Elder Larry Webb presents to the congregation how important it is for us to care for the House of the Lord.  Taking his primary subject from the book of Haggai he reminds us that we should consider our ways and be faithful with our service to the Lord.  He again presents a... Continue Reading →

Elder Scott Bass opens up the Saturday services of the Summer Annual Meeting with a sermon on the Counsel of God.  Elder Bass takes his text from Isaiah 46 and preaches to you about the surety of the will of God for the salvation of his people.  This sermon addresses the basic beliefs of doctrine... Continue Reading →

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