“Fighting Your Battles”; Summer Annual Meeting 2014 – Elder Ricky Meyers

Elder Ricky Meyers concludes the Summer Annual Meeting with a message about trusting God. Elder Meyers begins in 2 Chronicles and reminds listeners that when we face the battles of this lifetime that we do not have to trust in our own strength because God is on our side. amarillopbc.sermon.net/20106888

“A Feast for Strength” – 1 Kings 19; A Sermon Preached at Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church

In this sermon preached on Communion Sunday Elder J.W. Cunningham preaches on the subject of a feast for strength. ┬áIn this sermon the feast given to Elijah by the angel is used as a basis for understanding the spiritual meal of communion.   http://amarillopbc.sermon.net/da/1200118835