In the morning let us prepare for the new day with the words of the New Testament and in the evening let us reflect on how God moves in the lives of his people. Morning Reading from the New Testament: Luke 11: 29-54 Jesus said, "Pray, 'Father, your kingdom come.' Seek and you will find.... Continue Reading →

Elder David Montgomery opens the 2015 Fall Meeting on Friday night with a message on the providence of God from the 2nd Chapter of Ruth. This particular message reminds us that while so many things in life are out of our hands, God calls on us to do what we can and provides what we... Continue Reading →

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church continued the study of the book of Psalms by looking at Psalm 36 in conjunction with Romans 12 and Ruth 2. This Psalm presents us with the imagery of dwelling in the protective shadow of the Masters wings. This thought is developed by looking at the teachings in Romans 12... Continue Reading →

Elder John Yadamec continues his sermon series during the Annual Fall Meeting 2014 on Ruth covering the third and fourth chapters. Elder Yadamec again teaches on the book of Ruth while also bringing forth larger concepts that apply to the New Testament life that we live. Listen and enjoy this concluding message of the Annual... Continue Reading →

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