The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church continues the study of the book of Psalms this week by examining the 16th Psalm.  This Psalm presents multiple reasons why David trusts in the Lord ultimately coming to a conclusion of looking toward the Resurrection of these bodies.  The Psalm ties out beautifully to Paul's writings in the 13... Continue Reading →

Elder J.W. Cunningham preaches from the 16th chapter of John on the subject of the resurrection. Elder Cunningham expounds on the analogy of a woman giving birth being compared to the resurrection. May the Lord bless you to see the beauty of the resurrection and apply the hope to your life.

In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham explores the topic of the resurrection.  In looking at 1 Thessalonians and Matthew 27 we see a picture of the Lord twice suspended between heaven and earth and the various emotions and feelings that went along with each experience. Scripture References 2 Timothy 4:8 Matthew 27 Matthew 25... Continue Reading →

Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study of the Articles of Faith of the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church.  With this sermon the truth about the end of time and the resurrection is brought forward for the careful bible student and follower of Jesus Christ. You can listen to more sermons from Amarillo PBC on our... Continue Reading →

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