Elder J.W. Cunningham concludes the year as well as the prayer series with this message.  Elder Cunningham considers the Apostle Paul's prayer from Romans 10.  He uses the outlook of Clean-up, Shape-Up, and Spruce-up in how we should approach the new year. http://amarillopbc.sermon.net/da/1200159615 May the Lord bless you in the New Year.

Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study on prayer by considering Habakkuk's prayer for mercy.  From this lesson we understand that God is faithful in his promises.  We further consider Paul's teaching on this same lesson in Philippians and the trust we should place in the Lord.   http://amarillopbc.sermon.net/da/1200150373  

The sermon series on prayer continues in the 11th chapter of Luke as Elder J.W. Cunningham preaches on the subject of "Ask, Seek, Knock".  This parable continues on the teaching of the model prayer in verses 1-4.  As you listen to this sermon consider how each step applies to your current prayer life and what... Continue Reading →

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