Elder Morris visits with the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church and preaches on the Bread of Life from John 6. Elder Morris brings out many points, in particular highlighting the fact that Christ is our perfect sustenance. amarillopbc.sermon.net/20392247

Elder Gail Farries visits Amarillo as a visiting speaker and speaks on the subject of John 6 and the lessons contained within this chapter. http://amarillopbc.sermon.net/da/1200138578 The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church was blessed to have Elder Farries visit with us.  We always enjoy his presence in the worship service and pray for his ministry.

Last week in the Tuesday Tea post I tried to spend a few moments analyzing the belief in Total Depravity.  While many churches believe in or at least suggest that they believe in something similar to Total Depravity it is what they do with that belief that separates the churches.  This response is defined by... Continue Reading →

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