In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham presents the lesson taught in verses 15-18 of the first chapter of the book of James.  Here we are presented with two sides of a spectrum dealing with what the heart embraces and the product produced as a result.  Listen to this sermon and carefully consider what your heart... Continue Reading →

Saturday night services at Amarillo PBC resume and with this service Elder J.W. Cunningham preaches on the subject of "Salvation Seen in Genesis".   In this sermon listeners consider a picture of the salvation of the elect in four generations in Genesis starting with Abram and continuing through Joseph. You can find more sermons... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, Two weeks ago today my family and I were blessed to attend the opening services of the Chamber's Creek Association in Dallas, Texas.  The Lord made his presence manifest throughout the meeting in the singing, praying and preaching.  That meeting was one of many in the past few months that lifted me up... Continue Reading →

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