In the morning let us prepare for the new day with the words of the New Testament and in the evening let us reflect on how God moves in the lives of his people. Morning Reading from the New Testament: Galatians 5 Christ has set us free. Circumcision counts for nothing. Use your freedom to... Continue Reading →

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church was blessed to have Elder Bill Moseley and Sister Cissy Moseley with us today. The church was blessed to have Elder Moseley preach for us today as he delivered a powerful message on the Fruit of the Spirit. Elder Moseley highlighted the fact that the scriptures teach that there is... Continue Reading →

Elder Ricky Meyers continues the Summer Annual Meeting with a message on the gentleness of God and how God has made us great. This Saturday afternoon service reminds us of how God has made us Kings, Priest, and Heirs of God.

Last week the bible readings moved into several new books. ¬†Hopefully, you are able to keep up with the readings and you are able to enjoy these new books. ¬†Today we add one more new book. Monday - Readings from the Law - Exodus 37-40 Tuesday - Readings from the History - 1 Kings 5-9... Continue Reading →

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