Elder Don Richards was with the Amarillo church again on May 24, 2020. In this message, Elder Richards takes us through the scriptures teaching both a practical and spiritual lesson on how we should: 1) hope for the best; 2) Expect the worst; and 3) be content with what comes. We pray you are blessed... Continue Reading →

Mothers – Elder Don Richards

Elder Don Richards joins the Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church via Zoom on May 10, 2020. Elder Richards delivers a special Mother's Day message on the examples we have of the importance of mothers in the scriptures. Unfortunately, we had technical difficulties this morning and so the quality of the recording is not as good as... Continue Reading →

Elder Don Richards speaks at Amarillo PBC on the subject of the false doctrines of the religious world and how they contrast with the true doctrine of the scriptures. ¬†Elder Richards affirms that the Primitive Baptist have historically held to the truth of the scriptures. ¬†Enjoy this sermon and rejoice in the truth of a... Continue Reading →

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