In this message Elder Cunningham continues the thoughts which Paul expresses that the congregation should follow the pastor so long as he is following Christ.  The message in this sermon is that when the pastor ceases to follow Christ the congregation has the responsibility to overthrow the pastor in an effort to hold to the... Continue Reading →

In the continuing series on discipling, Elder Cunningham preaches a sermon on the need to follow after and support your pastor so long as he is following after Christ.  In this sermon Elder Cunningham takes his text from 1 Thess. 5 and 1 Timothy 5 focusing on Paul's admonishment to follow me so long as... Continue Reading →

Elder Cunningham takes a text from the 7th chapter of Judges for this lesson in discipling.  In this text we see Gideon and his army as they prepare for battle.  Gideon arms each man with a trumpet, a lamp, and an earthen vessel.  Each man is instructed to hide his lamp in the earthen vessel... Continue Reading →

Elder Cunningham continues the study on the subject of discipling with a message on being reconciled to the will of God.  As Paul wrote to the Colossians they understood the things of salvation and expressed a clear faith and hope in God, but Paul desired that they be reconciled in this life to will of... Continue Reading →

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