Elder J.W. Cunningham continues the study of the book of Psalms resuming this week with Psalm 10. This Psalm teaches us about the presence of God in our darkest of times and why we often are tempted to believe that he has left us. Follow along as this sermon teaches on Psalm 10 and also... Continue Reading →

Elder Cunningham continues the study of Psalms this week covering the 6th Psalm. This particular psalm is divided into three sections; 1. David's chastisement and depression, 2. His prayer for relief, 3. David's call for repentance. Elder Cunningham approaches this Psalm in considering three points; 1. The structure of the Psalm, 2. The comfort of... Continue Reading →

As you listen this sermon you will be challenged to think on the subject of intentional fellowship.  Elder J.W. Cunningham explores this topic and the subject of depression by looking at the relationship between Naomi and Obed at the end of the book of Ruth.  In the New Testament application Elder Cunningham relates the idea... Continue Reading →

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