The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church continues the study of the book of Psalms with Psalm 84. This Psalm is a reflection on how beautiful the House of the Lord is and how wonderful it is to gather with his people in his presence. May the Lord help us to desire to be in his house... Continue Reading →

The Amarillo Primitive Baptist Church continues the study of the Psalms with a look at Psalm 15.  This Psalm presents multiple things that a Child of God should be doing to live in harmony with the Lord.  Consider this Psalm, John 3 and Matthew 19 for instructions in Godly living.

Elder Marty Smith preaches on Saturday afternoon of the Amarillo Fall Meeting - 2013 on the subject of habits that destroy churches.  Taking his text from Judges 12 Elder Smith explores how laziness, jealousy, and traditions divide churches and cause strife.  From this sermon we can all learn to be benefits to the church and... Continue Reading →

In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham tackles the oft avoided subject of church discipline.  In looking at the scriptures of the New Testament, the end goal of church discipline being restoration of becomes the focus of this teaching.  As you come to this sermon approach it with an open mind and understanding heart. Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, As I was enjoying the snow and getting to start school late on Tuesday I was watching one of the early morning talk shows.  During the little bit that I watched they showed clips of Army veteran Clinton Romesha receiving the Medal of Honor.  Considering that the Medal of Honor is the military's... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, The world of social media; Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc., shapes and defines a great portion of our lives.  It has both positives and negatives which can be debated for hours on end.  What is not debatable is that those that use social media accounts have had a few shared experiences and most likely... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, Scripture clearly teaches us that by nature we are not worthy of any of the blessings that we receive.  We are nothing and less than nothing and deserve by our nature the worst this life has to offer.  However, scripture is also clear that we have been made accepted in the beloved and... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, The world of sports often produces some of the best story lines and human interest stories.  Over the past week many were glued to the two stories of cheating, hoaxes, and general confusion about what is real and what is fake.  First, we found out that Manti Te'o's story of burying his girlfriend... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, Over the course of the last couple of weeks a lesson about the health and vitality of the church was made evident to me.  It is easy for us to settle into a mindset that the health of a church is always and constantly moving in one direction or the other and it... Continue Reading →

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