Elder John Yadamec continues his sermon series during the Annual Fall Meeting 2014 on Ruth covering the third and fourth chapters. Elder Yadamec again teaches on the book of Ruth while also bringing forth larger concepts that apply to the New Testament life that we live. Listen and enjoy this concluding message of the Annual... Continue Reading →

Elder Larry Webb preaches on Saturday afternoon of the Annual Fall Meeting from the 115 chapter of the book of Psalms. Elder Webb preaches a sermon that is both motivating and thought provoking and should be listened to with an heart ready to serve the Lord. amarillopbc.sermon.net/20193603

Elder John Yadamec preaches on Saturday afternoon regarding the 1st and 2nd chapters of the book of Ruth. Elder Yadamec teaches on the biblical concepts that are brought forth in the book of Ruth and their larger application to Christian living. amarillopbc.sermon.net/20193573

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