By His Stripes – 1 Peter 2

Isaiah 53 and 1 Peter 2:24 provide bookends that present the same message. Isaiah presented it as prophecy and Peter reports the events as they occurred, but they both reveal the truth of our salvation in Christ Jesus. By his blood do we have salvation, and by his stripes we are healed spiritually. You can... Continue Reading →

In this sermon Elder J.W. Cunningham explores the topic of the resurrection.  In looking at 1 Thessalonians and Matthew 27 we see a picture of the Lord twice suspended between heaven and earth and the various emotions and feelings that went along with each experience. Scripture References 2 Timothy 4:8 Matthew 27 Matthew 25... Continue Reading →

Dearly Beloved, Scripture clearly teaches us that by nature we are not worthy of any of the blessings that we receive.  We are nothing and less than nothing and deserve by our nature the worst this life has to offer.  However, scripture is also clear that we have been made accepted in the beloved and... Continue Reading →

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